History: The Origin and Nature of the Community

Indukoori Ragupathi Raju


The Kshatriyas living in Rajapalayam are popularly known as RAJAS. They use the word RAJA to mention the name of their Caste. In Telugu the word Raja is called Raju.

Literally the word RAJA does not represent the name of the caste or the community. But habitually they are also accustomed to use the word RAJA to denote their community.

The correct name of the caste is "KSHATRIYA".

Specifically they belong to one of the sects of Kshatriyas � 'THE ANDHRA KSHATRIYAS'.

To be more precise, even among the Andhra Kshatriyas, they are identified as an inner sect as the "THE RAJAPALAYAM ANDHRA KSHATRIYAS".

Kshatriyas are known differently at different regions in India. They are called by the popular names as:

Raju in Andhra
Raya in Karnataka
Varma in Northern States
Burman in Bengal
Solanky in Gujarat
Singh in Punjab
Rajput in Rajasthan
Raja in Rajapalayam

So on and so forth

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