History: Global Spreading

The ruling administrative and warring Kshatriya group was also a predominant agricultural community. There was a sudden growth of population during the 20th century. Then they diverted to other occupations such as industries and business. The Rajapalayam town and its surrounding places were not adequate to meet the needs of the growing population.

They began to search for new pastures. Families one after another slowly migrated to other places for want of livelihood. The Migration was started since pre-independence. It gained momentum aftet Indian independence. We noticed in the latter half of the 20th century that people started moving out and settling in different places through out India and abroad.

The following are the important places where they settled in considerable numbers. In all the settlements they formed the associations of Kshatriya Raju communities. In all the places the formation of the associations became a necessity for their cultural and social interaction.

1. Ambasumudrum 8. Madurai
2. Bangalore 9. Mumbai
3. Chennai 10. Sankarankoil
4. Coimbatore 11. Theni
5. Delhi 12. Tenkasi
6. Koilpatti 13. USA and abroad
7. Kumbakonam

Moreover about 1000 people moved out of Rajapalayam in search of employment. They continue to move from place to place without having permanent settelement. The outgoers are inclusive of industrial and job holders in India, Gulf countries, USA and other places.

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