History: Community Gatherings

In the beginning the community gatherings were held for the Dhayathi brotheren. Each house constructed a chavadi for their own use. We can see the number of Chavadies for each Dhayathi.

When the population increased there arose the necessity of common Chavadi for all the people living in the particular kottai regions.

The Palayapalayam Kshatriya community was originated by Poosapati Chinnaraju approximately during 1600-1650 A.D.

The Singarajakottai was founded by Mahamandaleswara Gottumukkala Dhora Thimmaraju approximately during 1750-1775 A.D.

The Sakkarajakottai (Jaggarajukotta) was founded by Poosapati Jaggaraju who was the grandson of Mahamandaleswara Dhora Thimmaraju approximately during 1775-1800 A.D.

The Thiruvandhapuram Rajakottai (Pachaimadam) was formed by a group of people for easy administrative purpose in the year 1951. At the time of formation all the members of this Chavadi were formerly the members of Singarajakottai.

The above chavadi oraginizations were functioning independently without interfering with other Chavadies.

The growth of the population necessitated for a common organization to cover all the Kshatriyas of Rajapalayam.

The Rajapalayam Kshatriya Mahasabha was organized by all the four Kottai chavadi members in the year 1970. This was successfully organized by Sri Chinthalapati S.R. Narayana Raja. The Rajapalayam Khstriya Mahasabha (Nalugu Kotta gumppu) is functioning till date effectlively by solving many social problems.

Kshatriya Seva Samithi was formed in 1980. It is a voluntary organization that was started by I.B.R. Ragupathi Raja. The Journal �kothalu� was published for the exchange of views of the community. It also started martial arts classes to develop courage, discipline, and enthusiasm among the Kshatriya youth. Presently this association undertakes the collection of the Bio-data of all the families of the entire community, so as to ensure all information is easily available to all concerned.

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